Two Left Feet

Have you ever felt like the answer to one of life’s great problems was on the tip of your tongue? Like, if you could just articulate an issue things might be resolved? Lately I’ve been feeling a bit mopey, which has primarily manifested itself through my complete saturation in the blog-o-sphere. And, since I’m an udder nerd, my primary focus has centered around non-profit blogs.  Imagine my elation when I came across this post.  Too lazy to click? It’s called “Dancing the Marketing-Fundraising Tango” and illuminates how connected development and marketing tactics can be.

Now, you’re probably thinking… “who the F cares?”.  Most people probably don’t, but for me it was one of those tip-of-the-tongue type answers – something that I’ve probably known all along, but just needed to hear from someone else’s mouth (or blog).  You see, I’ve been thinking about life and what the hell I’m doing with mine.  My current career (if we can call it that) is in development, but I constantly feel myself being pulled toward marketing.  What good is my fabulous new membership program if no one is aware of it? Who is going to donate to our annual fund without knowing the things we’ve accomplished this year? Which of our sponsors will donate again if they haven’t been appropriately (and publicly) recognized?

The disconnect between fundraising and marketing at my work shouldn’t be so great – I actually sit so close to our marketing person that it often feels like we’re tripping over each other to get things done.  But in the odd space-time continuum that is our universe, I realized the vast void between us when she asked me the other day what the annual appeal was.   Umm…you know…only our largest fundraising campaign of the year.  How should she have known that? And how could she promote something she didn’t really understand?  Thankfully, it’s exactly that continuum where our answer can be found – as this 2nd post on claxon tells me, marketing and fundraising are just two ends of the same stick, two forms of the same dance (ah ha!).  Whether you’re focused more on marketing or fundraising really just depends on if you’re broadcasting information to groups or tailoring a personalized message for individuals….or something in between.  Maybe my next job will be in funketing (or markraising?)…whatever that middle ground is called.

So, my Ah Ha moment was simple.  My fundraising job is sometimes a marketing job.  Now, I just have to find ways for me and my colleagues to help each other depending on where on the spectrum our efforts lie.  Once we figure that out, I’ll be dancin’ in the street!



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2 responses to “Two Left Feet

  1. We are so delighted you found our musings helpful! Reading that someone had an a-ha moment after reading those posts is humbling and happy-making.

    I think you really might be on to something with funketing and markraising (although that second one sounds like a sport you might find at the X games…).


    • Ha…yeah, I must have been writing late at night when I decided the word mashups actually sounded legit. Thanks for your comment, and keep up the good work (your blog is now officially in my google reader).

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