The other night, a few friends and I volunteered with the Salvation Army to collect some change for their programs in Maine.  It was surprisingly fun – we rang the bells for so long that I can still hear them, and we even managed to belt out a few holiday carols for passers-by.  I don’t have any amazing thoughts on the whole experience, so enjoy these pictures and random facts:

The group of us (because it clearly took 8 people) hanging out around the Salvation Army kettle.

Fact #1: The Salvation Army’s red-kettle campaign is its most important fundraiser of the year, as money raised helps the organization assist others and handle its ongoing operating expenses.

Ring my bell...

Fact #2: Funds from Red Kettles (the Portland affiliate hopes to raise $150,000 this year) support soup kitchens and transitional shelter for the homeless, activities and programs for at-risk children, care and essential services for seniors, and more based on local needs.

Fact #3: Supposedly, this kettle was once a B&M Baked Beans pot…the only baked bean company that still actually bakes its beans.

So, in four hours at the Maine Mall Food Court, we were able to raise a whopping $46.92 and were totally outdone by the Telephone Pioneers who were at Sears with NO BELLS (?!?) and brought in $103.34.  Damn them.  Oh, and Fact #4: There is such a thing as Telephone Pioneers…who knew?



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2 responses to “Sal-vo

  1. Oh, I talked to the Telephone Pioneer guy, and he said they had a little boy with a reindeer nose on, who was singing. No wonder they beat us!!

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