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Off the Hook

It’s about time for a volunteer experience done right.  Let me explain…well, actually, let me start with a caveat: I’ve been obsessing about answering phones at the Maine Public Broadcasting Network membership drive for weeks.  The email request showed up in my inbox at 6am one Monday morning (who knows why I was awake) and I responded immediately.  I then convinced a couple friends to join me on a Wednesday evening. That being said, this was the best time I have had volunteering in years and it completely exceeded my exceptionally high expectations.  Let me count the ways of wonderfulness, and please excuse my obvious obsession over public radio.  MPBN Radio Membership

First off, there was the local celebrity.  If you haven’t seen Suzanne Nance, let me just say she is much more entertaining in person than on her show (i honestly can’t handle the classical morning shtick) – but she kept gesticulating and making funny faces at us…it made my day.  Then, there were the snacks – pizza, Tony’s donuts, fresh popcorn and more swedish fish than my sweet tooth could handle.  On top of that, they gave us free demo cds, and my mention of Mustache Cookies via Blueberry Files sent everyone off the wall with how entertaining we were (um…not more entertaining than MPBN, mind you, but close!).  The other volunteers were also great – nothing like having a group of people willing to obsess with you about Garrison Keillor’s red socks or whether Diane Rehm is a better interviewer than Terry Gross.  And just in case none of those things were entertaining enough, they also provided us with crossword puzzles for the down times between calls.

Okay, so all that stuff was wonderful, but what were we actually there for? Using old school phones to take membership donations, of course! No asking for money required….just thanking all the kind people for giving a few bucks to support public radio.  Thank you, my fellow npr/mpbn listeners for recognizing that my life is made substantially better by shows that explain the news in limericks!

All things considered, there is nothing better in this american life than…wait, wait, don’t tell me.…volunteering at MPBN! Oh man, I crack myself up.


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