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I’m Dreaming of a…

Google Reader for Google Apps?

What?! Isn’t that what you want for Christmas, too? Ok, fine.  I could use a lot of things, but really, I am pretty sick of reading work-related blogs at home or trying to track worthy tips and tricks through draft emails and my google task frame.  I could use one of those other reading tools, but everything else at my work is in Google Apps.  I swear it was forever ago when I found Google Apps Beta with Reader and tried to get my organization to make the switch.  Our site host claimed that beta could cause irreparable damage to our data (what if we lost all those archived emails?!).  I feel like I’ve been pretty darn patient and the new Apps was supposed to be released “this fall”.  Still no word.

If I don’t have Reader, at least I have you, dear reader.  And, as my small gift to you, please enjoy my favorite blogs about the non-profit sector…the ones that I’d actually look at and not just click “mark as read” so I don’t have to see how many unread items I really have (you must know what I’m talking about).



What’s in your reader?


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